The internet of Things Day

At the Intersection of Technology and the Built Environment   On April the 8th I was asked by the Dutch online quality magazine Archined to visit and report on the Internet of Things (IOT)-day on April the 9th. A conference and discussion day with the […]

Conversation with Competition-Online Magazine

In December I was approached by Competition-Online Magazine about Open-Source Architecture, and my article on the UN-Studio approach. Here is the article, and it’s in German. 0024

A beer with… Martijn de Waal

In December I had a short chat with Martijn de Waal from The Mobile City (TMC). Martijn and his research partner Michiel de Lange have published many works concerning the combination and collaboration between the city and mobile devices. We talked about […]

A beer with…  Michiel Schwarz and Diana Krabbendam

In December I had a chat with Michiel Schwarz and Diana Krabbendam, the writers of the Sustainist Design Guide (SDG), a book that follows after Sustainism is the new Modernism. In SDG Michiel and Diana try to define current social and sustainable […]

A beer with… Sebastian Stam

In December I had a talk with Sebastiaan Stam (Seb), concept developer and strategy consultant specializing in digital platforms. Some examples of his work are the Magneet Festival, Editio, NDSM and the upcoming Crowdbuilding platform. Seb breathes disruption, and that’s […]

Column, article and interview

While it seems that this website is slowing down, there have been some cool things happening after the publishing of my article on UNStudio’s open source relaunch. I have written a column for Stedebouw & Architectuur (Urbanism & Architecture) based on my […]

Disrupting Architects Term Project

Were you ever curious about how much work goes into a MOOC course? Well, here is a raw copy-paste of my term and midterm project for the Coursera course Surviving Disruptive Technology. The term project was about any industry or […]

Disrupting worldwide education

On the 25th of September I joined a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) class about Surviving Disruptive Technology on Coursera. I did this in order to experience first hand one of the most promising disrupting technologies available nowadays. The term project […]

You can redo your city on all scales

Some buzzwords get old very quickly. For me that one is gamification. But here are two open examples that are actually very cool, different, effective and give normal citizens a form of power they never had. Play the City (PtC) and Streetmix. […]

A beer with… Tjeerd Haccou

One of the most innovative and exciting new offices in The Netherlands is Space and Matter (SAM) – Office for architecture, urban strategies and concept development. Tjeerd is one of the three principals and we had a great talk about why and how you […]

One Heavyweight is Enough

A small update on the Marina Abramovic Kickstarter campaign with OMA. I have contacted several pledgers (people who supported the project by donating money, with in return a digital reward in this case), and it turns out these people didn’t […]

Portfolio Now Open

Here’s  my complete Academy of Architecture Rotterdam portfolio, free to download and to do with whatever you like: All my personal work is licensed under the Creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means that you are free to share […]

Downloadable Wooden Skyscrapers

Open Source, the built environment, TED talks and wood seem to go hand in hand. Tall Wood is another very cool, interesting and innovative open source project. The Canadian Michael Green released this research document of 240 pages, written by him while being partner […]

UNStudio Failed Riding the Open Source Wave

What were you doing that glorious April the 9th 2013, the day when UNStudio announced that they were going open source? You don’t remember? Don’t worry, it’s not that big of a deal. The announcement that UNStudio did a ‘relaunch as open source architecture […]

A beer with… Tom Bosschaert

Thursday the 26th I had my first ‘a beer with’… with Tom Bosschaert, founder of Except. Except is a company working towards a sustainable future. Their activities range from urban masterplans and sustainability scans to a transbay terminal and software. Except has […]

Disruptive Architects

Brugwachterhuisje photo by Loes de Ruiter A more in-depth view on Crowdbuilding and Webuildhomes can be found here. Space & Matter (SAM), Amsterdam, is one of the examples I used in my threshold presentation of architects using new media in their work. […]

Couchsurfing – The first experiences

Halfway through the disrupting couchsurfing experience I have played host three times and I can conclude: People who couchsurf are always very nice But they can be quite boring -not all of them-, even though their story might sounds ultimately […]