My name is Paul van den Bergh and I’m a freelance urban designer and architect. I love to work with new and old media – digital and physical. I teach and lecture about new (digital) technologies and urbanism. I thrive in diverse and interdisciplinary teams. I love to do things differently and challenge old habits.

Publications / Lectures

  • Lecturer: Academy of Architecture Rotterdam
  • Online publications: ArchiNed, Failed-Architecture, Archinect
  • Magazines: Architectuur en Stedenbouw, CompetitiOnline
  • Lectures: Woodcongress Ljubljana, Pecha Kucha Hilversum
  • Mentor for workshops at the Academy of Architecture Rotterdam


  • Van Marcke Bruges, masterplan competition, 1st prize, Binst Architects, 2019
  • Citzen Brussels, selected, Binst Architects, 2019
  • Herfstvreugde Genk, architectural competition, 1st prize, Binst Architects, 2018
  • Gufunes Urban Fertilizer, masterplan competition, 1st prize, jvantspijker, 2016
  • Best Masterplan of Iceland (Vogabyggd), jvantspijker, 2016
  • Kodrina, Kosovo, masterplan, competition, 2nd prize, jvantspijker/CULD, 2016
  • NHTV, Breda, campus masterplan, competition, 1st prize, jvantspijker/CULD, 2015
  • KennisAs Ede-Wageningen, masterplan, competition, 1st prize, jvantspijker/CULD, 2014
  • PIN architecture, editor’s pick, own wor, 2014
  • World Food Center Ede masterplan, competition, 1st prize, jvantspijker/CULD, 2014
  • Reykjavik Vogabyggd, masterplan, competition, 1st prize, jvantspijker, 2014
  • Kronenburg businesspark, Amstelveen, competition 1st prize, jvanstpijker/Felixx, 2014
  • Oostkousdijk, Rotterdam, competition, 1st prize, own work, 2013
  • Nordic Built Challenge, Finland, competition, honerable mention, jvanstpijker, 2013
  • Thesis “Down to Earth” 2nd prize, own work, 2011


  • Academy van Architecture Rotterdam; Teacher, NL, 2019-
  • Binst Architects (former Crepain-Binst Architecture); Urban Designer, Architect, BE, 2018-
  • Episode II; Owner, 2013-
  • OneBuild; quote calculator on project basis, BE, 2018-2019
  • Jvantspijker UAR; Designer, project leader, Rotterdam, NL, 2012 – 2017
  • CULD; Designer, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, NL, 2011 – 2017
  • Hacking the built Environment; Writer, Rotterdam, NL, 2013 – 2015
  • Studio Sputnik, 3D-modeling, Rotterdam, NL, 2011
  • HVN Architecten B.V., Draftsman, Hoensbroek, NL, 2010


  • Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (RavB), Master Architecture, NL, 2011-2018
  • Surviving Distruptive Technology, University of Maryland, USA (MOOC), 2013
  • Zuyd University, Built Environment: Architecture and Engineering, NL, 2007-2011