In 2015 ‘The Impact Team’ stole gigabytes worth of raw data from the Ashley Madison website. A paid website where people who are happy or unhappy in their current relationship can find someone to share experiences with. These experiences could be anything. Of course most of it was sexual. And because of the closed off nature of the site, people spoke their minds about all of their fantasies. This data is a gold mine when you scroll through the endless databases: raw emotion, sadness, loneliness even when people are in a relationship. It’s kind of heart breaking actually. In the end it turned out that approximately 90% of the users were talking with bots – computer programs specifically made to keep you entertained and hooked to the platform. And spending time there costs money.

Below are some snapshots of the video installation with real profile texts in a fake setup interview with Ashley Madison users. This video was part of the META exhibition. All the way down is the YouTube video of the full interview.