Freakworld is a carefully curated photo & caption exhibition. It is an exploration set up to create an unsettling feeling, an uncertainty, unease… All that you see and read is real. Hopefuly it makes you wonder. I am always on the lookout for strange or opposite voices. Not for entertainment or to be opposite, but to learn and understand. My interest and research into the digital has made me realize that we should be very, very aware of exclusion and misunderstandig. Understanding different (world)views and opinions is essential if we want to design for a broad-based solution. I always listen.

“A few years ago we decided to try scuba diving, and that has now become a family passion.”

— Adam

“The regulation forms a perfect basis for controlling seeds that are patented.”

— Benedikt Haerlin

“Hi this is Hyba, I’m not here at the moment. I’m dead. I just woke up.”

— Hyba

“There are too many, and more every day”

— Omar Fradda

“Two Swedish women leveled accusations of sexual violence”

— Sean Wilentz

“What the hell happens when you hit submit?!”

— Jad Abumrad

“At that time he was jointly and severally liable.”

— Jesse Frederik

“You feel a little nod, something thaws in your head.”

— Matthijs van der Meer

“I always try to take photos that are less horrible than reality.”

— Pedro Pardo

“Even if I had any money I would rather burn everything and not even give them the ashes”

— Peter Sunde

“Nobody says ‘Ah, there are 20 American jobs’, when a bus with 60 mexicans crosses the border.”

— Michael Clemens

“The affair was a trauma for officials at General Directorate for Industry.”

— Belia Heilbron