Design for a public school in The Hague

The design of this public school is based around a couple of key concepts:

  1. the introduction of a small street (or alley) as an intimate space within the after-war urban fabric of the neighborhood
  2. the alley separates the program – kids are in the courtyard building, the slab houses the rest (social program, offices, sports hall, community spaces)
  3. all of the built program has their front door towards the alley, creating a vibrant intimate space
  4. the courtyard organizes the school program – classes are accessible through the main entrance that is connected to the new street
  5. the rooftop is used as a playground, the courtyard as a silent zone for focus work
Left to right, top to bottom:
public program – outward oriented classrooms – courtyards – courtyard oriented focus rooms
kindergarten – primary school play area – increasing play area kindergarten – final volume