In my career I have worked on a lot of different types of projects, from big to small scale, urban to rural and furniture to workshops. Below is a short selection of different large scale projects I have worked on.

High intensity rural living

For Binst Architects I worked on the masterplan for a development of 200 units in a suburban area near Brussels. The plan has to complete the existing broken residential fabric and create a transition, hard or soft, to the rural fields next to it. The two design layouts generate a different type of fabric and therefore a different type of living. The models have a different approach to the amount of public and private areas, to scale and to connectedness. The more “urban” option puts a large building as the centerpiece, creating two rectangular public spaces. The more rural option creates a stately street and street face, generating a calm, second in line shielded collective space. Both options start from a garden-to-garden principle, making sure privacy issues are taken care of from the start.


Discipline: Urban design, Public space, Architecture
Status: Masterplan
Year: 2020
Team: Binst Architects


  • 200 dwellings
  • 2.7 ha

Building on the edge

For Binst Architects I was lead design in the search for a mechanism and storyline on how to build in very opposing urban atmospheres. The study incorporated an analysis of the urban fabric, the surrounding building typologies, street section, surrounding public spaces, etc. The research was used as a tool to discuss and decide with the client the approach for possible future developments.


Discipline: Urban studies, urban design, Public space, Architecture
Status: Study
Year: 2020
Team: Binst Architects

Schemes to discuss with the client and municipality the different approaches to the site and the surrounding fabric


For Binst Architects I am project leader for the urban design department. Below are some examples of preliminary urban studies that the urban design team has carried out the last couple of years