Competition Entry for a digital innovation hub in Houston, Texas. The schematic masterplan envisioned a phased growth of an existing technology cluster into an European style dense campus.

The Founders District (TFD) has already kickstarted into the future with the recent developments of The Cannon and the Bayou City Fellowship, Spring Branch. The proposal designs the foundation and ambition for a masterplan, with ideas about a global layout, traffic organisation, parking, landscaping, phasing and typologies. The proposal is a first exploration of the opportunities of the site. The location has an exceptional accessibility, in close proximity to a multi-million city that has expressed an interest in supporting the tech industry. Our design proposal is a dense but lush campus, small-scale and full of programmatic and developing flexibility.

The design focused on some very basic planning principles: pedestrians first, car second, routing, parking, development flexibility and phasing. The dimensions of the buildings were based on a grid layout that could either become offices, housing, parking or hotel. The global layout was based on a crossing of two strips: the park en the sports strip, with in the center The Cannon. Furthermore was there a ring-road planned with service roads crossing the plot, organizing the infrastructural part. Parking was envisioned in phases on the site, and when in the future space becomes scarce several plots could be developed as parking buildings. Phasing was planned from the center outward – but also depending on the amount of blocks developed at a time.