For the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture I was asked to give an inspiration lecture and be a jury member of the winterworkshop 2020. The winterworkshop is an annual event where all the students of the academy get jumbled into cross-year teams to compete against each other by making a design proposal in one weekend for an urgent matter. The weekend of 2020 was placed in Bospolder Tussendijken, Rotterdam, NL and was focused on the economical, social and sustainable transition of this neighborhood towards 2030.

The students were asked to present their findings on two screens, both screens displaying a movie explaining their design: one top-down plan view, one explainer that was free in format. The results of the two and a half days of work were amazing. Therefore I prepared a presentation that consisted of four chapters:

  1. the example of META and how I used video, a medium that gives you total control over your presentation
  2. a selection of mostly free tools for students to use to build their movie
  3. examples of video installations with two or more screens
  4. examples of data visualisation and a live demo of Uber’s data representation tool
Extraction of slides from the META movie, showing examples of how to layer your presentation and story. A combination of documentary films, interviews, movies and footage of the physical model were shown.
I’ve used a lot of free to use, open source and trial software to collect and combine footage for the documentary.
Natural Readers
– I used this website

OBS Studio
Adobe Premiere
Xbox Game Bar
Quicktime Screen Recorder
Youtube Downloader (any)
Youtube downloaded auto-generated subtitles